Refinance Information Section

The Refinance Section provides the home owner tool and resources to manage the mortgage terms on their existing home.

The When to Refinance article discusses the various considerations that can enter into the decision. Ultimately the question must be decided by your own personal goal. Does the benefit outweigh the cost. It is essential that you define the benefit that you want to receive from your refinance.

The Mortgage Tune Up article provides different perspectives for you to consider periodically. The recommendation is that you consider your home mortgage within the context of your overall financial goals.

Paying your mortgage early is an easy decision to make, if you are financially able. But, as this section indicates, there are some issues that should be considered.

One of the ways to pay your home early is with Bi-Weekly payments. We offer a plan to help with this. Some lenders also offer this program. Read the article on Bi-Weekly payments. It is actually in the Payment Types section of this site.

Another method to pay your home early is with the U First Equity Accelerator. This is a product that we offer that helps use your existing equity and regular monthly cash flow to produce interest savings that will drive principle reduction and equity accumulation. It can make you mortgage free in 1/2 or even1/3 the time. Visit my website at

Other tools and discussions are available in the sections for the discussion at Refinancing Options, the video at How to Sell Your Home, and the valuation monitoring at Home Price Index.

For help with these decisions, use our MortgageCalculators.

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