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Purchasing a home is one of the most important life events for an individual and for a family. It is excitingPurchasing a new home and should be a step to financial stability and future security. There is also an emotional aspect to purchasing your home, as well as financial.

On these pages you will find information to help with the home purchase process.

The Steps to HomeOwnership is a short video presentation that outlines the entire process. It is a good presentation, especially for first time home buyers. The page loads quickly, but depending on your internet speed, the video may take a few seconds. The video loads automatically.

Qualifying for a purchase loan

No matter what your qualifications are, it is always best to obtain your financing before you begin the home search. There is enough that needs to be done when you purchase a home, dealing with the details of finalizing your home loan should not distract from the joys of the purchase. The Getting Prequalified section discusses this important matter more.

The question How Much Can I Afford is vitally important. This section helps you understand all of the considerations that have an impact on the the determination of what you can afford.  Many of the stated programs that used to be available are no longer offer. It is important to Home Loan Qualifyingknow what house payment your documented income can support.

Credit qualification requirements have also changed in recent months. Over the last sever years many programs were available that provided home mortgages to borrowers who had problems with their credit histories. In the new lending environment, a good credit history is more important than ever. You can find helpful information for understanding credit and even for repairing credit history.

The purchase process involves many people. Two of the most important, besides you the buyer, are the real estate agent and the loan officer. These professionals can ensure that you understand the process and that the purchase goes smoothly from your preliminary loan qualification and your initial home search through the closing to the joy of moving day.

If you are purchasing a home for your primary residence, there are many program options. The industry events of recent months have limited some of the 100%, no down payment, programs that had previously been available. On the home purchase programs page you can find details on the no down payment and low down payment programs that are still available.

If you are purchasing a home to be an investment property, to rent to others, many of the program options that used to be available are gone. The conventional loan options that remain, limit the number of financed properties to 4, plus your primary residence. Additionally, effective in October 2008, mortgage insurance companies have stopped providing insurance. This effectively requires a 20% down payment for investment purchases. 

Searching for a Home

If you would like to search for foreclosure homes, you can visit the foreclosure listings page.

Here are some Featured Homes - some for sale by owner and some listed with recommended real estate agents.

Preapproval should be submitted with contract offer

Additional free information is presented in the other articles in this section: Why an Inspection? , What is a pre approval? , and links to various state agencies.

You may request information about a particular home, to check its availability by completing the form on the Home Status Update page .

The Buyer Don'ts section has hints to help you avoid mistakes and to make your purchase transaction as smooth as possible.


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